Thursday, 22 January 2015

My Caliph Buskers's AJL29 obsession

Truly and honestly, I've never been a fan of the Malaysian music scenes. I don't really know malay songs nor the artists. BUT (a very big but here...mind the pun) after watching one of the performance of AJL29, I am so TOTALLY addicted to one of the performance that night.

The performance I'm talking about is of course the one done by MOJO and Caliph Buskers with the song Romancinta. First and foremost, I would like to state that I have NEVER heard this song before, nor do I know who MOJO (or caliph buskers) is. Also, I didn't even watched the AJL while it was being showed live on national TV. I only read about this one performance that won the Best Performance for the night on the morning after, when it trended like crazy on my social network app. People were talking about it left and right and the name Caliph Buskers kept on coming up.

Thus, with my curiosity being poked at repeatedly, I searched on YouTube for AJL29 + Caliph Buskers. My was I suprised!!!

Why the big suprise?? Actually, the in the first few seconds of the video, I could only hear the vocalist's voice and band playing without being able to see their face as it was darkened. But the first time the camera focused on the vocalist, it was totally unexpected. He was sooooo not the face I imagined that would go with the voice I heard. I was expecting a typical all-in-package that you usually get with rock singers singing on AJL. The fact that this guy was blind was the first thing that hit me. I know there are a few blind artists out there who actually do make it big such as Andrea Bocelli for example. But this guy has the looks of a typical street performer one would see around town and near shopping complexes. And here he was singing on AJL!!! And his voice~~~ MasyaAllah!!!

There this guy was (his name is Azmi Saat, by the way) blasting his vocals on stage, in front of tens of thousands of people and the crowd is cheering like crazy....and the crazy thing is he appears totally relaxed...expressionless even. He is singing with the vocals of a pro rock star but he's just standing there and his expression is of utter calmness. I imagine it's just like how I would look like singing Old McDonald Had A Farm to my little kids. hehe. He's not making pained expressions on his face nor bending down (or up) to hit the notes like a typical singer would but he's just standing there, singing.

Anyway..enough talk. Lets see the video that I've been totally obsessed about shall we? hehe. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!


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