Thursday, 12 September 2013

My family and I...our daily Shaklee vitamins.

Assalamualaikum semua. How is everyone doing? Saya just nak share apa supplement yang my family and I consume. Because I sell the stuff, I myself have to be confident enuff to use it for my family ye tak? 

Ok. Here goes..

Vitamin Shaklee untuk saya

Me. I take ESP and alfalfa every morning. ESP to give me energy and for a healthier skin and alfalfa because I have quite bad allergic reactions to almost everything. After lunch I'll take omega to keep my cholesterol in check and burn off unwanted fat. During dinner, I'll drink 1 sachet of Shaklee Collagen Powder mixed with juice for a soft and supple skin. Before I sleep, I'll take ostematrix to help release stress, and also to help with the aches. Whenever I feel like a cold coming or feeling like I'm gonna be sick, I'll take nutriferon and also Vit-C. 

My hubby's vitamins
For my husband, he takes alfalfa after breakfast, omega after lunch, zinc in the evening and vita-lea after dinner. All for an optimum health plus the omega is for burning unwanted fat. Also, on days when he is extra stressed with work or feels extra tired, he takes ostematrix.

My kid's vitamins 

For my kids, its currently Mealshakes (one spoon mixed with their milk, 3 times a week). It helps with my second son's eczema and also eases constipation. A few times a week I'll give them vit-C. 

My mother has to help ease the side effects of chemo, I bought her a bottle of vivix, nutriferon and caroto-max. Vivix for its extra-ordinary ability to help heal at cellular level, nutriferon to boost her immune and caroto-max for its high anti-oxidant content.

I also bought vivix for my in-laws because they have high blood pressure, diabetes and also gout. My mum-in-law also takes advanced joint health tablets and also Shaklee performance drink to help ease her joint pain and also gout.

There you go...that's what I got to help ease my family's pain and also to help them get healthy. If you think that a normal balanced diet and exercise is good enough (actually it could be enough..but how many people are actually disciplined in implementing this everyday of their life??) well it proved to be not the case for my family and I. Mostly because I think we eat what we want and exercise only when we feel like it. Thus, as an alternative I provide supplements for them as a way of trying to help them make sure that their body have enough nutrients and minerals that their body needs. 

If you think that you or your family lacks enough nutrients and minerals, you are welcomed to contact me for consultations. I don't mind answering any questions and will not even mind if you do not intent to purchase anything but are just curious to know. I share because I care. Plain and simple!

You can contact me, Arfah Umar, Shaklee Independent Distributor (ID#: 959091) via my email - or via whatsapp/sms/tel - 012-5927912


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